Two Holiday Stories (Yes, I Know I’m Late)

I’m pretty late with posting this on here but there are two short stories featuring Ashe and Riley currently floating around the internet!

KissjerecoverKISS HERE is written from Riley’s point of view and occurs during her visit to Yorkshire to visit Ashe’s parents right after the events of Book 1 (or around the Epilogue: Loving Riley).  It was originally written to be part of a Christmas romance anthology on Wattpad called Mistletoe and Mischief but you can read it as a stand-alone as well (just under 2500 words).  It’s a sweet read with just a bit of heat to warm you up under the covers.


Photo Dec 23, 12 36 31 AMAnd then there’s What He Knew, which is told from Ashe Hunter’s point of view, and the first time readers get to “hear” him.  You can read the 2-part story on Wattpad here, or you can download the book for free here in your choice of epub, mobi or pdf formats when you sign up for my newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time after you receive the book, which is also available for sale on Amazon to buy and review.

So given that I’m late in wishing you all a Merry Christmas, here’s wishing you all a happy New Year!  And keep an eye out for a few posts on Yorkshire.  After all, Ashe is a Yorkshire lad after all!


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