As Loving Riley goes through a major rewrite (you’ll have to disregard the rough draft on Wattpad if you read that version last year), I will be posting teasers for the final version here until it’s release day. 

And keep an eye out for a deleted scene! 

5 thoughts on “#TeaserTuesday 

  1. You know, every time I read something I’ve written, I think about the rewrites the story needs. Someday, I will. 😀

    1. I always cringe when I look back at some of the stuff I’ve written and go, whoa! did I write that? But then, there are other hashtag events on Twitter like, 1LineWed and we have a theme and post lines with that word, like “pull” and man, it makes you aware of how much you use or overuse that word. Which also helps in the editing 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

      1. Oh Lord, Yes! I amaze myself with overused words, adverbs, and adjectives strung together like pearl beads. I’ve been checking my pulse every morning and so far, 9 out of 10 times I’ve got one. On those mornings I can’t find a pulse, I go back to bed or drink more coffee 😀 Hope you and Lil Man are having a great time getting ready for Summer fun. 😀

      2. That’s me, too! I use Grammarly and also Hemmingway apps on my MacBook to keep me in the straight and narrow.

        Summer fun is getting me all nervous on how to get him busy!

      3. My secret to summer fun with the little ones is act the same age but carry a credit card. 😀

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