A (Salted) Nutella Latte, or Gareth’s Favorite Drink

Remember Gareth’s entry (or is it re-entry?) into Riley’s life in the book?  Well, he asked her if she still remembered his favorite drink, which was a Nutella espresso, and while there are many versions out there, this is one version that’s pretty delicious, and worth a try for any budding barista out there!

If Nutella no longer appears in the final version, it’s because when Wattpad featured the story as part of a commercial campaign they asked me to remove any reference to brands and I had to remove them all, including Nutella. And when the campaign was over, I forgot to add the names back in.

But not to worry. This recipe below is worth a try, whether or not it’s in the book!



Any barista would gawk at this recipe as I heat the milk via the microwave, but it’s necessary to incorporate the Nutella into the milk. I should create a Nutella syrup, but for the one-off cup at home, this works just fine. More than fine if you ask me. As always, pick your level of saltiness. I like my lattes strong and not too sweet. If you’re going for the opposite, add more milk and simple syrup.


3/4 c. milk
1 scant tbsp. Nutella
1/2 tsp. vanilla simple syrup (see below)
a pinch kosher salt
2 oz. freshly brewed espresso

In a microwave-safe cup, heat milk, Nutella, simple syrup, and kosher salt for 1 1/2 minutes, stirring halfway in between.
Remove from microwave and froth to your liking. Add to freshly brewed espresso. Stir and serve. Sprinkle with cocoa powder if you wish.

• It’s hard to get a decent froth off the Nutella milk. So after incorporating it into the espresso, separately I froth a tiny bit of half and half and pour it on top. Some days call for pretty. Other days call for lattes ASAP.

via Salted Nutella Latte.

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