Amigurumi Ashe and Riley Are here!

Well, at least these amigurumi versions of Ashe and Riley are here! Amigurumi is Japanese for knitted or crocheted toys, and these have so much character, I’m sure they’ll be around introducing you to places in and around New York!

These are crafted by HelloSweetKids on Etsy and I can’t get over how cute they are, especially their beanies! You should see the back of Ashe’s beanie! So adorable!

Photo Oct 26, 6 40 23 PM

Here, Ashe and Riley are taking a walk in Central Park and this is the Pine Bank Arch (though it’s technically a bridge), one of the few remaining cast iron bridges in New York.  Built in 1861 by J.B. and W.W. Cornell Ironworks, it’s made of cast iron, steel and wood.

If you’re into ornamental bridges, this is a must-see bridge in Manhattan, and it’s one of Ashe and Riley’s favorite places as well.  I hear they take the triplets out to nearby Heckscher playground during the spring!


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